Cut Your Business Costs With a Cardboard Baler at Work

Many businesses will have considered using baler machinery for their large volumes of cardboard, plastic, paper or polypropylene waste. Perhaps we should look at why you may have a baler in your work-place. If you have several 1100 litre-size bins of cardboard emptied, each week or a larger 8 or 10 cubic yard bin, or even larger, then there’s a good chance you will find using a baler much cheaper than bins or containers.

If there is a baled-waste collector in your area and they offer a free service, then once you have your baler installed, the amount of bales they will collect is unlimited. So you can FIX you baler cost, with a long-term rental or lease-hire; or you may also purchase it.

Bins and larger containers usually have 2 charges. There will usually be a daily or monthly rental-rate for each container. The second charge is for each time each container is emptied. Sometimes business owners are confused between the 2 tariffs. They assume they are just paying the rental, which in comparison is very low. It’s the tariff which is emphasised when they discuss costs with their bin supplier. The costs for emptying bins or containers are quite higher than the rental and can be overlooked.

When you are reviewing your waste costs, you should consider the percentage of your waste which can be baled and recycled.

Here’s an example – this may not be your scenario, but it may be similar. Say you have a large 10 cubic yard container of waste collected each week. Perhaps the monthly rental is £15 per month; and £85 per lift each week. There are holiday shut-downs and Christmas closures, so lets count 4 collections x £85, plus £15 rental = £355.00 per month. Let’s estimate 90% of this waste is mostly cardboard (recyclable) and some plastic shrink-wrap (recyclable) and the other 10% is general waste (for landfill). Here is what you may do. Rent or lease a good sized baler which makes cardboard bales of 40kg to 80kg.

Depending on your baler supplier, the weekly rental for a baler may be between £13 per week and £40 per week. It is really important to look around. The most expensive is definitely not necessarily the best equipment. If you look around, you should find a good size cardboard baler making bales of approximately 70kg, for about £16 per week. This machinery will do the same job as some balers costing £40 per week. Remember, you’re in this mainly to save money. At the end of the day, “a bale is a bale”, so save your money. Let’s be totally fair now; the rent for your baler will be for 52 weeks of the year, regardless of holidays.

So you would be paying £16 x 52 /12 = £69.33 per month rental. Rent one small 1100 bin for the general waste. £8 per month for the rental; 4 empties per month at £10 = £48 per month. You would now be paying £69.33 (baler) + £48 (1100 litre bin) = £117.33 per month instead of £355.00. You will be making a saving of £237.67 per month; or £2,852.04 per annum. If you have multiple sites, say 100 sites, then this potential annual saving is £285,204. The best way to find one of the lowest price high quality balers, is search on the internet for these words “balers recycling price”. Get at least 2 quotes. You should find a supplier who can satisfy the above, if you are persistent.

You would ideally use your baler as a bin for cardboard. Get some reusable polypropylene 1 ton builder sacks. Put all your plastic shrink-wrap inside the 1 canvas builder sacks. Push it in the sack very tightly. When you have a couple of full sacks of plastic and you are making a cardboard bale; make a quick plastic bale and start collecting plastic again with your empty canvas sacks. Reset the baler for cardboard again and use it as your cardboard bin. This means you don’t need an expensive twin baler. You can really do the whole lot (plastic and cardboard), with a nice baler for about £16 per week. If your bins are costing more than £16 per week, then get someone to survey your site and start saving your business some money now.

If you can save £15 per week, it’s £780 per year and several thousands over 5 years. In some cases it can be considerably more. I have been to some businesses in the past, saved them over £100 per week and even got them a revenue for their baled waste. If you have a lot of certain waste types and there is a recycling station near to you, you may also receive a substantial income from it.

For example, some major clothes stores receive their goods items in plastic wrapping and plastic bags. They use balers and save a fortune on bin costs. The delivery lorries then back-haul the bales of plastic to the Distribution warehouse. This plastic baled waste has been worth up to £180 per ton, depending on the going rate at the time.

The best thing I can advise is to get professional help from your local baler company, such as Strong Recycling Balers Limited. Just use a search engine and you will find all you need. Or phone Freephone 0800 5677 384 anytime.

John Webster has many years experience in the recycling industry. He owns his UK company, Strong Recycling Balers Limited. Giving advice and providing the most appropriate baler equipment for each situation.